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    The Buzzword of the Day for 04/15/2014 is:

    acrobat (noun)


    What does it mean?

    : a person (as a circus performer) who is very good at stunts like jumping, balancing, tumbling, and swinging from things

    How do you use it?

    Isabella dreams of one day joining the circus to perform as an acrobat.

    Are you a word wiz?

    Like the circus acrobat, the word "acrobat" has multiple talents. Which of the following do you think is another meaning of the word "acrobat"?

    A. a person who acts, sings, dances, etc., especially for an audience
    B. someone who is very good at tasks that involve mental or artistic skill
    C. a person who is good at games and exercises that require endurance and strength
    D. someone who competes especially in the selling of goods and services
    Check your answer on Word Central.

    Today, 4/15/2014
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    Daily Announcements

    PASS Academy  May 3 .... 9 AM until noon.  This is for all pre-registered third through fifth grade students. To pre-register please contact Ms. Mursier.  Breakfast and lunch snack will be provided. Transportation is provided. There will be all sorts of fun activities to help students with PASS testing. Please call 803-735-3430 for further information.

    Walk and Bike to School Day - April 23   We encourage all of our parents and students who can to walk or bike to school day.  Everyone can use the exercise and help the environment at the same time!  This is part of our Safe Routes to School program. 


    After - School Surveys -  Students and parents, if you or your student is involved in an after school program, please complete the following surveys:
    1. After School Childcare Student Survey 2014

    2. Comprehensive Remediation Student Survey 2014 

    3. SC Chamber of Commerce Homework Center_ Student Survey 2014

     To check to see if a book has an AR test - Go to the web site: www.arbookfind.com  

    News and Events

    District Accreditation Parent Survey

    In order to determine how Richland One is meeting its mission, parents are invited to participate in a survey.

    To complete the survey, go to


    Upcoming Events

    Mon, Apr 14 - Fri, Apr 18
    Spring Break
    School will be closed for all students and staff.  Be sure to read, read, read and go to the public library!
    Mon, Apr 21 - Fri, Apr 25
    PE Field Trip
    Fishing Trip   Grades 3-5   Students will go to Lake Caroline to try their newly learned skills.
    Tue, Apr 22 - Fri, Apr 25
    2nd grade Swimming Lessons
    All RCSD#1 second graders have the opportunity to take swimming lessons. Thomas Tigers have their lessons at Columbia College.
    Wednesday, April 23
    Walk and Bike to School Day
    We encourge all students, along with their parents, to walk or ride a bicycle to school today. This is part of our Safe Routes to School Program.
    Friday, April 25
    Fourth Grade Trip
    9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    Augusta Baker's Dozen  Storytelling event for all fourth graders at the Robert Mills House.

    From the Principal

    Dear Parents,
     Welcome to an exciting year at John P. Thomas Elementary School. The staff and I are very excited that you have entrusted your child's education to us. We will make every effort to help your child achieve academically and socially this year. It is our goal to create an enriching learning environment that engages the student.

    Tiger Promise

    Richland School District One Mission Statement:
    We are Richland one, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

    School Uniforms - School uniforms include navy blue or khaki slacks, jumpers, or shorts (knee high).  Tops must have collars and include white or navy colors. For further information please contact the parent liaison, Freddie Harrell ( 803-735-3430).

    The Tiger Promise

    While here at John P. Thomas, I promise to act in such a way that I will be proud of myself and others will be proud of me too. I come to school to learn and I will learn. I will have a good day.